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Call me for any of your crass cynicism needs! 


Yael Botser (Born: "Yael Maftsir") is a Los Angeles based actress and writer. Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, where she had been a working actress, mostly in theater, commercials and Independent films. Her training includes three years of dramatic arts studies in one of the top prestigious acting schools in Israel ("Nissan Nativ"), two years of screen-writing in the top school for Cinema and Television ("Sam Spiegel") and ongoing classes at the Ivanna Chubbuck Studio in Los Angeles. Having USSR-born parents and having studied in France, she can easily portray multicultural characters, taking on a different accent each time. To kill time between auditions she writes original comedy sketches, directs and produces them with a variety of talented friends. Breaking Yael down a little more she is; The mysterious neighbor next door, The impatient psychologist, That rebellious Russian scientist, The tough international investigator, The realtor who will do anything (I mean, anything!) to close the deal, The cop who forgot where she parked the car, That controlling "A type" PTA mom, The call-girl who rushes to pick up her son from pre-school, The patronizing so-called "friend" who cannot seem to empathize with her best friend's melt down, The seasoned wrestler who's eager to finally win the fight, The coder crew-member on a space-ship and The Jewish Lady Mc'Beth. Yael has more than ten years of fitness training in her tool box, has studied mime and physical theater (i.e; slapstick), has been a mother for two years and not to “toot her own horn,” but that alone already makes her a super-hero!

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